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Die Eigenblutbehandlung mit ACP

Die Repuls-Therapie

Die Stoßwellentherapie – ESWT

Inkompletter vorderer Kreuzbandriss und ACP

State of the art – Bänderrisse am Sprunggelenk

Hand- and foot surgery

– Trigger finger
– Tenosynovitis(De Quervain)
– Carpal-canal-syndrome (CTS)
– Mb. Dupuytren
– Hallux valgus and other diseases of the toes

Individual therapy (physiotherapy and occupational therapy) with or without operation

– ACP (autolog conditioned plasma)
– repuls therapy
– ESWT (extracorporeal shock-waves therapy)

Examination in sportsmedicine

Consulting in mountain medicine and examination for recreational divers

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